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Long Island, the new Seattle?

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long island.
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This is for people interested/inloved/etc with Long Island (area)'s "scene".

Feel free to post:

shows you're having, shows you want to have, shows you want to go to, shows you need rides to, shows you need tickets to, shows you've heard about, show experiences

questions about venues, questions about anything

also don't shy away from posting about art shows/galleries, or other displays of creativity, radio shows, etc.

Feel free to post whatever you like, just please stay away from band bashing/people bashing.

- The Management.

PS: Please don't post about rating communities. When I say, don't post about rating communities I mean don't try and get people to join yours, because of the clothes they wear, the hair they have, or whatever you want to judge people on to make yourself feel better than them. Just don't advertise them here, kthanks.

PPS: If I notice that people are making themselves "easy targets" and drama is stirring, the post is going down.

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